Designing Your Own PBL

Designing Your Own PBL


October 1 - November 15, 2019

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Conducted by Dr. Joan Della Valle and Sherrye Dotson

$450 per person

Audience: Teachers and Administrators Pre-K through 12

This workshop will take you through the entire process of designing your own Problem or Project Based Learning Unit (PBL.) Our goal is to assist you in the stress free design of a unit that you can take right into your classroom. We begin with the process of setting your goals, defining your standards, the creation of an entry document, the inclusion of 21st century skills, the design of real world rigorous questions, creation of assessments, setting up time lines and preparing for the presentation. 

You will learn why both problem and project based learning is essential in the 21st Century and how it meets the needs of your students across all academic areas and all age groups. We want you to make this workshop a guide for future planning.

All participants will receive a certificate of completion for 45 hours of professional development. Graduate credit is available to eligible participants.

Please note that to get graduate credit from SUNY Buffalo State you must either be enrolled in their International Graduate Program for Educators or you must have applied and been approved for non-degree graduate credit.  For more information about this please refer to our website link on graduate credit. To earn graduate credit you must pay an additional fee of $390 directly to SUNY.

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