Navigating Gender Equity in a Multicultural Environment (Coming Soon)

Navigating Gender Equity in a Multicultural Environment (Coming Soon)

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Conducted by Dr. Meredith Harbord

$350 per person

Audience: All Educators, K-12

Participants may be eligible to earn three graduate credits for this workshop.

In this workshop students will examine gender stereotypes and learn about changes that can be applied to the classroom and school environment. This sensitive approach supports changing the use of stereotypes to strengthen positive roles for students in any setting. Participants will examine the unseen and often unrealized behavior of themselves and others. They will look for the hidden messages we send, even if unintended. This interactive workshop will provide ways enhance the positive nature of diversity and eliminate unintended actions in their professional and personal interactions.

Please note that to get graduate credit from SUNY Buffalo State you must either be enrolled in their International Graduate Program for Educators or you must have applied and been approved for non-degree graduate credit. For more information about this please refer to our website link on graduate credit. To earn graduate credit you must pay an additional fee of $390 directly to SUNY.

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