Graduate credit is available to eligible educators working in International Schools under the following conditions:

  •     You are currently enrolled in the IGPE program at SUNY Buffalo State and have received approval from both SUNY Buffalo State and your supervisor to use this workshop for  graduate credit within your degree.
  •    You are currently  employed at an International school and have been approved to take these workshops for credit by SUNY Buffalo State as a non- degree applicant.

How to file for non degree credit approval

  •    Go online and file for admission as a non-degree seeking applicant. It takes about 15 minutes to complete the form.

  •      Once you are approved you can continue to take workshops for credit without reapplying as long as you keep this account active.  
  •     Please read the instructions carefully on the application site. As a non-degree applicant, you have to complete steps # 1, #2 and #4.