There are always lots of interesting projects, presentations and workshops happening. Here are some videos and photos we’d like to share with you.

Ammon Jordan

Here’s a view of our 4 day workshop “Preparing Your Students for the 21 st Century” at College De La Salle

Tegucigalpa Honduras

Exciting PBLS are happening

Ali Swanson completed a PBL on Viral Gene Therapy with her 11th grade students using the Core 21 PBL Planning Model.

Ali used the next generation science standards to plan her unit. It was her first attempt and it was extremely successful. She was impressed with student engagement, student ownership of the project, student's’ growth in speaking skills and the response of the community, the scientists and doctors, who came to see the final projects.

Do you have something great to tell us?

Have you completed a new PBL? Or are you implementing new strategies you learned at one of our workshops? We want to hear from you. Please send us a note and tell us about your adventures with new curriculum or strategies. Do you have photos or videos you can share? Let us know about your great happenings.

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